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Protect your biggest investment with a professional home inspection on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Whether you’re buying or selling, our expert home inspections will help you appreciate your home’s value by analyzing its structure, functionality, safety and health-related features.

A typical home inspection takes between 2-3 hours on site, after which you will receive an easy-to-read inspection report detailing the home’s current condition and areas of concern.

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Woodbury Inspection Group Inc. inspects the following:

  • Site: drainage, retaining walls, walkways, patios and driveways.
  • Structural system: foundation, sub-floor, wall and roof framing.
  • Exterior: siding, flashing, eaves, fascia, doors and windows, lanais
  • A common defect is found.

    Roof System: roofing materials, flashing, gutters, and skylights. Garage: doors, operators, fire walls and doors.

  • Plumbing System: Supply piping and fixtures, waste drain piping and venting, water heaters, propane fuel storage and piping.
  • Electrical System: service, panels, wiring, lights and outlets, switches, GFCI devices, fixtures, and smoke detectors.
  • Heating System: heating equipment, venting, flues, fireplaces, chimney, energy source.
  • Air Conditioning system: equipment, distribution energy source, ducts, condensation drainage. We recommend a Thermal Imaging Inspection for AC systems.
  • Interior: walls, ceilings, floors, stairways, cabinets and doors.

Did you know that as much as 40% of defects found during inspections of houses and condominium units existed when the building was brand new? Check out our New Construction Inspections

Prelisting Inspections for Sellers

Ensure a trouble-free closing on your home with a Woodbury Prelisting Inspection.

Get your home inspected prior to listing it and we’ll point out areas that need attention and repair. This can help earn your buyer’s trust and confidence all the way thru closing by eliminating the worries and pitfalls that often accompany the J-1 inspection period.

With a prelisting inspection, you pay the standard inspection rate and get a “Pre-Inspected” sign to go next to your “For Sale” sign. If corrections and repairs are made after the inspection, we’ll come back for a re-inspection and provide you with an updated report that you can choose to share with agents or potential buyers.

When you get an offer on your property, we can return to re-inspect the home for the buyer at a reduced rate, and you can pass the savings onto them.

Incremental Construction Inspections

Inspections are recommended at various stages of construction

Woodbury Inspection Group Inc. provides inspections at incremental stages of construction. These construction phase inspections are typically done at the following stages:

  1. Prior to Pouring Concrete Foundation – to ensure proper preparation of the site and visible substrate, placement of foundation forms, vapor barriers, electrical grounding, conduit and plumbing pipes and placement of primary structural steel. It is much less expensive to find and correct problems at this early stage of construction, than when discovering them after the concrete is poured, and the building is framed.
  2. Prior to Drywall or Sheathing the Interior Walls – to determine correct installation of the framing (including seismic/hurricane hardware), rough plumbing, wiring, air conditioning, furnace and duct work. It is easier for the builder to make corrections before sheetrock has been installed the building components are exposed.
  3. At the Completion of the Building, Prior to Closing – to determine the structure is built to specifications, with quality workmanship and operation of all systems, fixtures, appliances and other components.The property will need to have all utilities turned on. We will check your plumbing fixtures, flashing, appliance operation, electrical outlets, drainage, window operation, AC, wall finish, deck supports, and more.Additional incremental inspections are available upon request.

It’s normal to discover construction defects during these construction phase inspections. Health and safety hazards like costly water damage, structural flaws and electrical, venting and plumbing problems are best prevented with thorough inspections.

One dollar spent on a preventative inspection is worth 1,000 dollars spent on defect repairs!

New Construction Inspections

Improper vent flashing

New Construction Inspections by Woodbury Inspection Group, Inc. ensure buyers receive a properly built home that is safe and free of substantial defects and construction “punch list” items.

Our inspections help builders and developers realize better profits by reducing the number “call backs” after the close of a transaction.

Many defects found in older homes were there from initial construction, often created by under-qualified laborers and then overlooked by contractors lacking proper quality control.

A new construction inspection from Woodbury Inspection Group, Inc. identifies these problems early on so they can be corrected before closing the transaction.

Attention Builders: By working closely with us, your company has a greater chance of improving its product and strengthening its reputation in the industry.

Commercial Inspections

Inspection of pool and recreation center at Ho‘olei

Woodbury Inspection Group Inc.’s commercial property inspections offer peace of mind for buyers and sellers, builders, developers, contractors, homeowner’s associations, property management companies, architects and other commercial businesses.

We combine expertise and past experience as commercial builders with the highest-quality equipment to assess:

  • Condition of the property site
  • Drainage
  • Parking
  • Structural and roof systems
  • Building envelope
  • HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems and other specialty systems

For larger refrigeration, air conditioning and electrical system inspections, Woodbury works with many of the most reputable licensed commercial HVAC and electrical subcontractors and engineers in the State of Hawaii.

» Request a Commercial Inspection by calling us at 808-322-5174

Thermal Imaging/Infrared
Thermal imaging is a cutting-edge technology that offers unrivaled inspection precision at a great value.

Customers who get thermal imaging inspections for predictive mainteneance receive on average 10 to 1 return on investment.

We conduct infrared thermal imaging inspection for systems including: air conditioning, electrical, roofing, mechanical equipment and building envelope.

We may also bring in the expertise of other licensees in the inspection process as necessary, including licensed commercial roofing contractors, elevator specialists and engineers.

» Learn more about thermal infrared imaging here

Recent Commercial Clients:

  • Kona Bay Resort Condominium complex
  • Lono Kona, Apartment Building
  • Y Hata Building Hilo waterfront (historic Building)
  • Hale Kokua (Commercial Building, Kaloko Light Industrial)
  • Nambu Hotel Kapaau (historic Building)
  • Various Kapaau commercial properties
  • The Lanihau Center Professional complex
  • Frame Ten Center Bowling Alley and business offices
  • Barbara Hall at Parker school (historic Building)
  • Officers Housing Kaneohe Marine Core Base (Oahu)
  • Na Hale O Keauhou
  • Ho’olei at Wailea (Maui)
  • The Palm Villas at Mauna Lani

Protect the single largest investment of your life with a Warranty Inspection.

Save time, money and hassle with a warranty inspection! Woodbury Inspection Group, Inc. will inspect every nook and cranny of your new property so you can notify your builder and/or manufacturer what needs to be repaired or replaced under warranty.

Defects new homes fall into two categories – obvious and hidden. You’ve probably taken care of obvious ones, such as faulty appliances or cosmetic blemishes. The hidden defects are the ones you need to be concerned about. The most common hidden defects are improper wiring, poor drainage, insulation and ventilation issues and flashing issues where small exterior openings allow moisture to seep in.

Since general contractors and developers are required by law to warranty their work for at least one year, we recommend getting a warranty inspection no less than one year after closing on your property. After the one year anniversary passes, you give up almost any chance you have in getting your builder to correct warrantied defects.

Time is of the Essence

Defects in your home frequently take longer than one year to show up, at which time they can cause substantial damage to your home.

For example, improper drainage can damage foundations leading to structural problems. Small exterior leaks can lead to mold, termites and other wood destroying organisms.

Your inspection should be within the first 8-10 months of your first year of ownership. This allows the maximum time for issues to arise and time for builder to make repairs during the warranty period.

Got questions about warranty inspections? Call us at 322-5174. No sales tactics – just honest answers.

Work In Place Verification for Lenders

Woodbury Inspection Group Inc. provides fast and accurate “work in place verification” inspections for lenders, buyers and contractors when project draw requests are issued.

In a typical construction project, the contractor will request inspections on a monthly basis in order to collect payment on work completed to date. We will conduct inspections of the property at this time, photograph it, report on percent of work completed and quantify any “on site” material storage.

Work in place verification inspections give both lenders and buyers assurance that the work they are paying for is in fact getting done.

We see what others are missing.

  • Do you own a home, manage a commercial building, or manage a resort?
  • Are you concerned with roof leaks?
  • Moisture intrusion?
  • High energy bills?
  • Electrical safety?
  • Equipment reliability?
  • Can you afford to have unexpected equipment failure?

See your home in a new light with Woodbury Thermal Imaging home and commercial inspection services.


Woodbury Inspection Group has expanded its services to include:

  • Energy Evaluation services and Thermal Imaging Inspections
  • Sustainable (Green) Building Consultation

Woodbury Inspection Group, Inc. is the only inspection company in the state of Hawaii to carry an Infrared Training Center (ITC) Level Two Certification (meets ISO 9001 testing standards).

Inspections customized to extend the life of your property and safety of its occupants.

Foundation post at beach house damaged by wave action.

Foundation post at beach house damaged by wave action.

Are you a home owner or property management company looking to improve the safety and lifespan of your properties and reduce unnecessary liability or costly repairs?

Woodbury Inspection Group, Inc. regularly works with home owners and property management companies who have routine scheduled maintenance on their properties.

Our trained and experienced professionals make sure all health, safety and other hazards are identified before they become a threat to your property or its occupants.

You’ll find our inspection reports clear and easy to understand, with recommendations on reparing your property’s defects – including the small ones that have a tendency to get out of hand.

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